JANUARY 20, 2018


Dates in Your Calendar Are Closer Than They Appear: How To Make The Most of Your Time and Talent in 2018.

Life moves at the speed of thought and it’s hard to keep up. It’s time we take control of our time by finding faster, better, and easier ways to do the things we have to do so we have more time for the things we want to do. This session will share not only tips and tricks to beat the clock, but also how to manage our calendar–making time for the things that are important, but not urgent. We’ll also look at focusing on the things that are best for us and our career in order to avoid wasting time on things that aren’t worth our time. We’ll also explore ways to make better decisions, learn when to say no and mean it, make time fly in a good way, and use the pull method for everything that is pushed toward us. You will also receive free time-saving resources from Lee.

All In: How to Pull Out All The Stops and Commit To Your Career and Your Goals This Year

Those who have what we want often have achieved success by going all in instead of sticking a toe in the water. They went outside of their comfort zone and took a chance on themselves, and it paid off. We’ll look at ways to go all in for the things we want most. Many of us have a ‘Bucket List’ or thoughts on the things we want to do someday. That’s only the start. There’s a new way to create a visual, flexible, emotional, and powerful plan for the year . . . and beyond. Successful people do more than just wish for things to happen, they have a vision and a plan for what they will do which helps them overcome fear, procrastination, and doubt. You’ll learn several different ways to plan your year in this session and will be able to start creating it on the spot when you pick the one that works best for you.


Best Western Seven Seas
411 Hotel Circle South
San Diego 92108
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$25for Members (paying by Tuesday, January 16th)
$30for Guests (must be over age 18) and member late registration (by noon Friday, January 19th)
$35for Members or Guests at the door


Lee Silber

LEE SILBER is the award-winning author of 22 books, including the Theodore S. Geisel Award (given to the author of the best overall book of the year). In 2017 he won his eleventh San Diego Book Award for Sunshine, taking home the trophy for best memoir. In addition to being an author, Lee also has a busy speaking schedule. He’s known for making audiences think, laugh, and learn through his fast-paced and interactive presentations. Lee lives in Mission Beach with his wife and two young sons.

Meeting Agenda:

9:30 to 10:00 Check In - Networking (coffee and tea)
10:00 Welcome - Introductions & Announcements
10:15 Morning Session
12:00 Lunch (see menu)
1:00 Chapter Business Meeting
1:30 Afternoon Session
3:00 Meeting Adjourned