June Meeting Round Up + Good News

What a great meeting!

Not only did we have an afternoon with bestselling author Susan Squires, we also celebrated our chapter’s 35th birthday! There was even a cake!

Susan Squires taught us a wonderful workshop on Talking Back to Your Brain: The Art of Asking Questions. During her talk, we learned how to train your brain to break through writer’s block as well as develop more in-depth characters and storyline. A few tips she gave were:

  • Ask your brain small questions. Instead of asking “How can I write a bestseller?” try “What can I do to make this scene more exciting?”
  • If your questions feel too big, keep breaking them down until they are small enough to answer.
  • Keep your questions positive! Don’t ask “Why does this character suck?” Ask “How can I make this character more interesting?”
  • When working your way out of writer’s block, start Small. Try sitting for fifteen minutes and think of questions you can productively answer about your story, then find another activity to do.
  • Rituals, such as writing in a place you know, using specific tools (from pencils to programs), listening to music, or reviewing what you last worked on can prevent procrastination and cue your brain to engage.
  • This takes practice. It isn’t easy at first, but with time and patience, you can craft series of small, positive questions to keep your momentum flowing.

Our member of the month was Mary Galusha for her dedication towards our Write for the Money contest. Her efforts have challenged and helped tons of our writers find their words.

Mary Galusha with our President-Elect, Rick Ochocki

And our Atta Girl award went to Susan Burns for constantly writing despite the curveballs life has thrown at her recently.

Susan Burns with President-Elect, Rick Ochocki

Also, our chapter mates had tons of Good News to share!

  • Bob Richard won the San Diego Book Awards for Best Published Romance.
  • Jackie Leigh Allen’s Reno Rebel was accepted by Desert Breeze for March Publication.
  • Lotchie Burton’s Nothing’s Sweeter that Cindy is on Bookbub from July 3rd to the 10th
  • Demi Hungerford submitted to Tule Publishing.
  • Linda Thomas-Sunstrom has a new four-book contract with Nocturne.
  • Cynthia Diamond’s Dryad’s Vine is a finalist in the 2017 PRISM Awards for light paranormal romance.
  • Lisa Kessler’s Blue Moon also is a finalist in the 2017 PRISM Awards for Urban Fantasy.
  • Marie Andreas’s Warrior Wench is ALSO a finalist in the 2017 PRISM awards for Sci-fFi. And her book The Glass Gargoyle won the San Diego Book Awards for best fantasy.
  • Jane Josephs is a finalist in the Stiletto Contest.
  • Aleigha Siron’s publisher accepted her second book.
  • Ella J. Quince released her new book, Wildwood Flower.

And did I mention there was cake!?

RWASD wants to send a huge thank to all the members who have donated their time as volunteers and/or board members to help keep our chapter thriving. We could not have the chapter we have today without all your hard work. Thank you!

Remember, there will be no meeting in July due to RWA Nationals. Out next meeting will be our August Potluck and National’s Wrap up at the Trinity Episcopal Church. Watch our meetings page for more information.

Happy Summer, all!

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