After the Words…

So, you finished your manuscript. It’s clean, revised, and has been sent into the big world. The words, “The End” grace the final page!

You are done!

…So, now what?

This is my dilemma after I finish writing. Sure, my first intention is to jump right into the next one, guns a’blazin! For many authors, that forward momentum works. I wish I was one of those authors but unfortunately, I’m not. I need some downtime before writing my next book.

For me, one day away from the keyboard is my hard reboot. I catch up with my laundry (Which usually is a nightmare by then), tidy up, or work on a hobby like my sewing or sketching. I take that time to move out of the story I was so heavily immersed in, shake it off, then jump into the next one. For one day, I stay away from writing. Believe me, it’s not easy. But for me, it’s essential.

So what do you do after your book is done? Take a day? An Hour? Dive into the next book? I’d love to know your process.

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2 thoughts on “After the Words…”

  1. Marie AndreasMarie Andreas

    Well, I’m a freak–yes, I admit it ;). The last two books I’ve been double writing. Aka- starting the next book while working on an almost finished rough book. It’s working pretty good and I plan on doing it this time too. BUT, my switching books are between two series and they are different enough in POV, style, etc, that my worlds stay in order ;). That way, when I finish one, diving into an already started one isn’t so jarring!

  2. Mary LeoMary Leo

    I need down days… at least two or three…sometimes and entire week! I tinker with the next book, break down my synopsis into chapters, clean off my desk, and go shopping. I usually buy myself something…new shoes…top…dress… whatever! Nope, I’m not the type who can just keep writing, at least not on another book. I can write a proposal, but not a book. Plus it’s the rebel in me. She needs to think she’s free for a few days so she can get ready to roll when the time comes. Plus, I need time to say good-bye to my characters (friends) from the last book. They have to walk off into the sunset before my new friends will come out to play. They get jealous of each other and if I start writing the new group too soon, the last group of characters try their best to slip in and take over. They’re cagy that way…

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